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Pledge 1

Streamline ordering and suppliers

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Pledge to Streamline ordering and suppliers by taking these actions:

Reduce the frequency of orders
Reduce the number of suppliers
Adjust procurement policies
Pledge 2

Reduce energy consumption

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Pledge to Reduce energy consumption by taking these actions:

Install a smart meter
Switch to green tariff
Switch to energy efficient lighting and appliances
Install motion sensors to control lighting
Install solar panels
Pledge 3

Reduce your waste collections

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Pledge to Reduce your waste collections by taking these actions:

Reducing waste
Consolidating waste collections
Pledge 4

Manage work-related travel

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Pledge to Manage work-related travel by taking these actions:

Increase virtual meetings compared to physical meetings
Increase number of staff using active travel or public transport
Reduce emissions by employees who drive to work
Pledge 5

Retime Deliveries

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Pledge to Retime Deliveries by taking these actions:

Increasing the number of suppliers delivering off-peak
Increasing the number of trips retimed to deliver off-peak