Make your business more sustainable one step at a time.

Addressing climate change can seem like an overwhelming task. Cross River Partnership has designed this website to help your small business tackle environmental sustainability and reduce your emissions one step at a time, at your own pace.

Why improve your sustainable business practices?

You can save money over time.  We have a limited amount of land and natural resources for to produce the goods and services we consume. In time, fewer resources can lead to increased costs and competition.   Additionally, using fossils fuels causes global warming and climate change.  It’s in everyone’s best interests to reduce our negative impacts on the environment, including cutting back our emissions to slow down climate change.

How we help you with your sustainability journey

Sustainable Steps has sorted various actions you can take into themes (or pledges). You decide which action(s) in each theme to take. You’ll receive regular prompts to update your progress.  You can take on additional actions once you’re ready to do so.

Make pledges and share your progress

You can make as many pledges as you like. However, we suggest you start with one or two. You can always make new pledges once the first ones are well underway or complete. You can also share your journey via social media.